Wynkoop hosts United Tastes of Belgium beer event

This Saturday, May 21st from 1-4:30pm, Wynkoop is rolling out a fantastic beer event, The United Tastes of Belgium.  With a list like this (below), it’s a great way to feel around the Belgium beer style, try some new breweries, and at a great price.  There will also be a short list of Belgian dishes throughout this week, with five available on Saturday.  Details for the event are listed below:

May 21 from 1 – 4:30 PM we’re presenting a brand new beer event, The United Tastes of Belgium. The event takes place in our upstairs pool hall and features 40+ of the best Belgian-style beers from Colorado and the US.

There will also be several classic Belgian beers on hand for sampling and an array of chocolates and cheese to taste.

A list of the beers is below this note, it includes many first-timers at a Wynkoop event and rare treats.

$30 advance tickets can now be purchased online at www.wynkoop.com and at the pool counter upstairs at Wynkoop Brewing. Tickets are $35 the day of the event. Below this note is the list of confirmed beers.  For questions, contact Marty Jones at Wynkoop Brewing Company 303-860-7448.

Click for the full size flyer

2011 United Tastes of Belgium Beer List:

  • Avery Brewing – Salvation, Reverend, White Rascal and Karma
  • AC Golden –  Barrel-Aged Belgian sour
  • Black Fox – Faust Part II
  • Boulevard Brewing – Tank 7, Sixth Glass Quadrupel
  • Breckenridge Brewery – Trippel
  • Bristol Brewing – Belgian Dubbel
  • Copper Kettle – Saison Savoureux
  • Crooked Stave — Saison-Brett and Petite Sour
  • Duvel
  • Epic – Straight Up Saison, Brainless Belgian Golden Ale
  • Funkwerks – White, Saison
  • Golden City Brewery –  Trippel
  • Great Divide – Hades, Colette
  • Green Flash – Le Freak
  • Left Hand – St. Vrain Trippel
  • Lost Abbey –  Inferno
  • New Belgium – Abbey Grand Cru, Trippel
  • Ommegang –  Witte
  • Phantom CanyonThe Continuum Belgian White
  • Russian River Damnation
  • Ska – True Blond Dubbel
  • Sierra Nevada – Ovilla Abbey Dubbel
  • Stone Brewing – Cali-Belgique
  • Strange Brewing – Le Bruit Du Diable Farmhouse Ale, Patience Petit Saison, Strange Wit
  • The Bruery — Saison Rue
  • Trinity Brewing – TPS Report Saison/Guezze, Double Rainbow Black Fox Collaboration Saison, Pappy Legba Imperial Cherry Saison, Provisional Oak-Aged Bret Saison
  • Wynkoop Brewing – Orville, Raspberry Quadruppel

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