Expansion at Avery Brewing may lead to relocation

Avery leaving Colorado?  That was the first thought of panic in my mind upon reading Daily Camera’s article (and beernews.org’s post).  As it turns out, they just might be leaving Boulder.  Daily Camera reported on Avery Brewing Company’s skyrocketing growth within the craft beer industry, namely big beers:

That growth, however, is quickly pushing Avery Brewing to the brink of capacity and bringing a heightened sense of urgency to co-founder Adam Avery’s quest for a means of expansion: a grand vision that involves the purchase of at least 5 acres of land; building a brewery and a restaurant on site; and expanding as much as the market will dictate.

You may recall that Avery announced a distribution decrease in early April, due to the flux of the craft brewing industry.  And now, similar to Great Divide Brewing’s plans for expansion, Avery Brewing is looking to expand to accommodate this growing demand.  Adam Avery, co-founder, commented to Daily Camera on handling the capacity:

“Right now, we’re maxed out; we’ve built out what we can do, basically,” Avery said of the 18-year-old company’s location at 5763 Arapahoe Ave. in east Boulder. “We’re in the process of trying to find some land in Boulder. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of land for sale … there’s not a lot of properties for the kind of money that we can basically afford.”

While Avery Brewing is close to securing a plot of land in Boulder, Avery said he’s looked at properties outside the city limits that could give the brewer more land for less money. Avery did not disclose the locations he’s eyed or is considering buying.

Currently, Avery’s capacity exceeds 20,000 barrels and looking to work with 33,000 barrels this year.  Their growth in past year is further marked by $3 million increase in revenue ($7 million to $10 million), doubling on tap-room staff, adding an additional canning line, and adding a greater investment into capital expenditures.

There is no indication that they will be leaving the state.

What are your thoughts?

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  • http://www.monikarunstrom.com/blog Monika

    This makes me so sad, mainly because Avery is currently located within walking distance to my office!

    I understand having to move out of Boulder though as the real estate here is pretty ridiculously priced.

    Hopefully this move will not happen for awhile, and it gives me an excuse to go there more often while I can!