Menver Hunting Grounds: a Guide for Women

MENver is a mecca of men.  Of mountain men.  Of beards, flannel, whisk(e)y, and beer, and a ratio of men to women being 3:1.  I’ll take those odds.  And with these various places, sometimes the night leads to a…fun finish.

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I present to you, ladies, the top 5 (and not limited to) places in Denver to find these havens of men in particular beverage-centered locations:


1.  Euclid Hall

From the entrance and to the walk upstairs to the restroom, you can almost feel the penetration of the male gaze.  The age range of the male specimen runs the gamut from traveling business men to young squires of our village.  They’ve a strong population of over 30 males.  Please understand, though, that here at Euclid, you will be the pursuer.  And ordering a barleywine, dopplebock, black IPA, scotch, etc. certainly doesn’t hurt.

2. Great Divide Brewing Company

Things I like: plaid, beards, beers, and geeks.  At Great Divide, you get men with all four.  And often due to their love of beer, many love sitting with a pretty lady, such as yourself, bellying up to the bar and ordering a fabulous glass of 17th anniversary or Colette.  Bottom line: you rule.  Girl power, and all that.

(Side note: pretty much any brewery is a great place to meet great men and strike up a fun conversation. Breweries are awesome, and not for just this reason.)

3. Wynkoop Brewing Company (more specifically the pool hall)

Ladies, it’s like a sword fight up there.  In fact, you may see a sword fight break out because of the lack of a single molecule for estrogen.  But once you tap that pool room, the sharks smell blood.  Enjoy that one.  I particularly have enjoyed going to Wynkoop not just for the men, but also because they’re finally getting geeky with their beer.  Check out the new stuff they have on the tap lines.

4. The 1up

You find men here.  They are the children of the 80s and in their early adulthood (or current) stage of video gamers.  Your tactic may have to change, though.  As they convert to this nubile state of their childhood, so does their concentration.  Once his left hand holds the joystick and his right hand assumes the position over the A and B button, you may as well not exist for that moment he morphs into Vega on Street Fighter.  But don’t worry, grab a pint of Schlitz (it’s on draft there), maybe ask the bartender for a dash of Angostura bitters, and just wait until the game ends.  You may have found the best kind of geek (my favorite).

5. Highland Tap & Burger

Food, booze, TVs, patio, people, men…  It’s a great hub for guys in the Highlands and is a fun place to strike up a conversation with a gentleman on either side of the bar.  Not comfortable with sauntering up to the bar to strike up a conversation? HTB is also a wonderful host for Highland events, like LoHi Music Fest, Derby Day parties, etc.  The stakes are lowered a little bit there.


Honorable mentions:

Grand Hyatt’s hotel bar (or really any classy hotel bar like Hotel Monaco, Brown Palace, Sheraton, etc.)

Okay.  I understand how this sounds, and I’m not aiming for this.  We’re not trying to emulate Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, but sometimes it’s the best conversation in a classy joint where you can flirt and finish the evening very easily by walking out that door.  And you can walk out that door without any obligation to joining upstairs.  It’s a place to feel sexy without any committed strings.

Some additional (and interesting) pools of men:

Ladies, do you have any recommendations to add?  Happy Hunting!


My caveat:  My parents met in a bar up in Boulder and now just completed their 31st year of marriage together.  So clearly, I think couples who meet in bars can work.  Sure, I know the statistical average of successful couples who meet in bars is 8-10%.  But I’m going to keep holding out.  And since this is the Wagon, I’m going to keep striking up the most fascinating conversations in bars.

Another caveat: ladies, please looks for the ring (or any subtle nuances of a relationship/marriage).  And if a guy isn’t interested throughout your constant prodding, get a clue, he’s not interested.  The conversation can still continue, just proceed respectfully.  You’ll figure out.  Just don’t be a homewrecker.  You ruin the image of the rest of us girls who have a code of ethics.

About Jess Hunter

Jess is a lady and a scholar. If she's not mulling over the various names of famous mustaches and their respective bitter cocktails, she's nibbling on American Craft Singles and Cantillon. Connect with her by email at

  • denverbeerchick

    I can’t believe Falling Rock Tap House didn’t make the list! There’s a reason it’s my personal favorite hangout, and it’s not just the great beer list. The clientel ranges from gentlemen traveling for business and supreme beer geeks, all the way down to guys that have wandered in from nearby clubs. The ones that look lost are always the most interesting to chat up…

  • Jess Hunter


    Thanks for the comment. I thought about adding Falling Rock to this list, but frankly, I feel like it’s a man’s zone that doesn’t go disturbed. I’ve actually included it in a follow-up article (standby). I promise there’s a method to my madness…

    • denverbeerchick

      I trust your judgement, and can’t wait for the follow up! I met my fiancee at Falling Rock, so it definitely feels like a great spot to meet nice men in my world.

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  • Paul Bunyan

    Cool. Just what we needed. A guide on how to find a sausage fest in Menver. That’s like writing a guide on how to find a book in a library.

    • PJ

      How about a guide on how to find a good book in a library? But where would you find the guide. In the library? I N C E P T I O N

  • Sandy S

    Thanks for the good info on finding C in Denver Jess!
    From now on you should be know as Jess “C” Hunter. I think we all know what the C stands for.

  • Dirk Diggler

    C-Hunting for sure. I love Menver, I mean who wouldn’t?

  • Lauren

    I’ll have to try these and report how they go. I’m writing a blog with a close friend about our dating adventures in Denver and lessons we’ve learned along the way.

    • PJ

      Your site is hilarious. I’m sure we can find some writers to work with you on dating + booze. Let me know.