Rainy Day Drinkin’

It’s a shitty day out there. Grim, cold, grey, wet, and generally pretty unpleasant. Since moving to Denver from the East Coast 5 years ago I’ve lost my tolerance entirely for days like these. Obviously I need to comfort myself with some kind of delicious beverage, but I’m lost for ideas. Anyone have a favorite drink for a rainy day? Bonus points if it pairs well with grilled cheese and tomato soup!


About Nick Nunns

Nick loves two things above all others: Beer and heavy metal. He's the owner and brewer at the soon-to-open TRVE Brewing Company. If you get him drunk enough, he will probably raise a toast to a Norse god.

  • Jess Hunter

    I’m a big sucker for Hot Toddys and a book. Kevin Burke rocks a killer Hot Toddy with this recipe: 1.5oz Cognac, 1 star anise, 1 ceylon stick, swath lemon peel, bitters, fill with Teatulia tulsi black tea. Honey to taste.

    Otherwise, rain reminds me of Ireland. And pubs. And stouts. And irish sessions. And whiskey.

  • http://denveroffthewagon.com PJ

    Big, dark stouts. Yeti, or Serpent’s Stout, or.. ya. dark.

    • http://nicknunns.com Nick Nunns

      Like my soul?

      • Kyle

        Don’t be ridiculous, Nick. Everyone knows we Canadians don’t have souls.

        • http://nicknunns.com Nick Nunns


          *dons a puffy vest and plaid shirt, runs into forest*

  • Matt M.

    Buy serp stout like pj said but also angels share, and proceed to blend. You won’t be disapointed!

  • Kyle

    I had a Samael’s Oak Aged last night. That’s a beer to warm you up and make you forget all your troubles.

  • barb

    definitely a manhattan in front of the fire!

  • denverbeerchick

    I’ll second Jess on Hot Toddys or just whiskey, if you’re down… and PJ on stouts.. but I think maybe I’d have Tanqueray on the rocks with my grilled cheese and tomato soup. That means stouts after breakfast, Tanqueray with lunch, and Hot Toddys to round out the afternoon.

  • brian

    I’d reach for a room-temperaqture Mead. I’ve always thought the aroma of honey nicely complemented the smell of rain.