Wynkoop and the Flobots team up to raise money for the Cole School

The people over at Wynkoop have teamed up with the wonderful musicians of the Flobots to raise money for the Cole Arts & Science Academy. Johnny 5 is guest bartending at Wynkoop next week, May 16, from 6-8. His tips go straight to Cole. A few other places are helping out with this effort, including Sweet Action Ice Cream, El Camino Tavern and Dazzle. Read more:

Many of us in the beer world owe giant adult debts to the music and art teachers of our youth.

For that reason and a few more (okay, school budget cuts for one), Wynkoop Brewing Company is raising money for after-school arts & music classes at Cole Arts & Science Academy in central Denver.

In partnership with Flobots.org, Wynkoop is donating up to $1500 and is seeking civic-minded beer, arts and education fans to contribute matching funds and more for the school.

Flobots.org is the community minded non-profit set up by Jamie Laurie, Stephen Brackett and Andy Guererro, members of the nationally acclaimed Denver-based band, The Flobots.

Contributions to the Cole school campaign can be made at http://flobots.giveo.com/campaign_fundraising/cole-arts-science-academy/ .

The money fills a critical need for Cole, a hard-working school with a diverse and largely low-income student population. (About 95% of the students receive a school lunch funded by a government subsidy.)

Despite Cole’s economic status, the school is experiencing a turnaround thanks to a savvy staff and some novel programs. Including music and other arts classes in Cole’s Beacon Center.

“Research shows that participation in after school programs leads to improved student achievement,” says Joey Pace, who helps head up the Beacon Center’s efforts. “These kids are more likely to go to school, be engaged in their regular lessons, and earn better test scores.”

The money raised by Wynkoop and its allies will help insure that the school’s current music and arts programs will carry on through this summer and next fall. It also helps pay Denver area musicians for their expert mentoring and education skills.

Flobots member Andy Guererro is one of the many musician educators now teaching a music course at Cole.

Six other Denver restaurants have also stepped in to sponsor schools in this Flobots-led community effort. Get full details athttp://flobots.giveo.com/ .

On May 16 from 6-8 PM, Jamie Laurie (aka Jonny 5) will be a guest bartender at Wynkoop. His tips will go to the Cole fundraising effort.

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