Crooked Stave and Euclid Hall pour the way to Spring

An afternoon release party for a beer collaboration between a beer geek who wrote a dissertation on yeast strains, the only front-of-house Level 2 cicerone in Colorado, and one of my favorite beer-drinking locales in Denver? Clear my calendar – it’s a “work from home” kind of day.


All who attended the release of Good Glory by Crooked Stave at Euclid Hall were not disappointed. Crooked Stave Brewer Chad Yakobson and Certified Cicerone Ryan Conklin were on-hand to pour you a cold one and tell you a bit about this unique beer. 
It is Crooked Stave’s first beer on the market (Chad has previously only shared his brews at special events).  I have to admit – it surprised me! I had a set of expectations based on little tidbits I had heard, but it was quite different, and all in good ways.


It’s a Belgian-style beer, but it’s more Belgian-inspired due to the yeast strain, rather than fitting into a specific category, according to Chad. The goal was to create the perfect spring beer – a sessionable beer that hints at the beauty of summer as we say goodbye to the cold. Its rich amber hue is right in between that dark chocolate color of a stout and the summer blondes and its flavor the perfect mix of winter spices with a crisp, refreshing finish of light hops, while the nose is treated to an aroma of lavender and dried fruit. Surprisingly there is the hint and bite of ginger, though no ginger was adding in the brewing process.


Even better news? Chad is aging a few barrels in red and white wine barrels for the Euclid Hall 1st anniversary in August. To kick up the flavor a notch, the barrels will be innoculated with five different strains of yeast (Brettanomyces for you experts), for an “American Wild Ale” with a bit funkier taste and an acidic finish. Good Glory Suckerpunch will be worth the wait (in name alone, even more for the beer itself!).

So make your way to Euclid Hall while this limited edition is still available to sip on and mark your calendars for August – so you can say you were one of the first to try Crooked Stave as there are clearly great things ahead for this brewery.


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  • Matt Thomas

    Very well written, I like your style Jen. Great Information!

    • Jennifer Fowler

      Thanks for the read – glad you liked it! Did you get a chance to try it / what did you think?

  • Ryan

    We still have a little Crooked Stave Good Glory at Euclid, it is on our new 13th beer tap on the back wall. Always ask what is on the special tap as that is where we serve our most limited offerings.

    Also, look out for the Good Glory Sucker-punch, we aged our regular Good Glory in wine barrels and aged some Brett for some more complexity. This beer will be available during our Anniversary and GABF.