The Fort Collins Brewery is opening 1 of 13 Restaurants in a Production brewery in the US

We just got news from Fort Collins Brewery (up in Fort Collins, if you didn’t know) that they’re putting a restaurant in the production brewery. The restaurant officially opens to the public for dinner on Thursday May 12th at 4pm. Definitely an exciting addition to brewery tour adventures.

The time has finally arrived for beer and food lovers alike to rejoice!  Gravity Ten Twenty at The Fort Collins Brewery is set to bring an innovative, hand-crafted, field-to-fork approach to the Northern Colorado culinary scene.  In the spirit of The Fort Collins Brewery and their philosophy of creating only the most distinctive and finely crafted beer, Gravity Ten Twenty extends the same ideals of innovativeness and creativity to a plate of food.


Gravity Ten Twenty strives to cultivate a sense of local pride and community celebration by utilizing all the bountiful gifts Colorado has to offer.  Gravity Ten Twenty is where the field meets the fork in the truest sense of the term and we are committed to all things Colorado.  We do all we can to support our local economy and environment by buying most of our ingredients locally.  This means higher quality and better tasting ingredients served on your plate, poured in your glass and raised in your neighborhood.

Gravity Ten Twenty’s kitchen is specifically designed to cook to order.  We do not have a walk-in freezer, steam table or heat lamps, ensuring that not a single bit of food is made until it is ordered.  We guarantee that the food you are eating travels the shortest distance from field to fork!

Although Gravity Ten Twenty is located inside a brewery, beer is not the only libation we serve.  We understand our guests have a variety of preferences and are pleased to offer a comprehensive wine list and full bar to accommodate a wide range of tastes.  Whether it’s a crisp Colorado Riesling, one of our infused vodka martinis, or a growler of beer to-go, we have what your thirsty for.

Gravity Ten Twenty and The Fort Collins Brewery aspires to be the magnet that pulls people together in celebration of the wonderful harvest that Colorado produces.  We at Gravity Ten Twenty can’t wait to pour you a pint and serve you a taste of Colorado!

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