Oh My Vodka, The Thin Man’s Legacy

Thin Man Infused Vodka Nick? Nicky? What? You asleep? Yes! Good. I want to talk to you.

I am fairly certain Nora Charles would be quite comfortable at this bar. Every time I walk in, it makes me feel like I found something special, as if everyone in the place knows it’s a best-kept secret. An almost-oasis nestled in City Park West, the dim lights, many pictures of past Popes, and good drinks give The Thin Man Tavern a speakeasy appeal in a quiet neighborhood setting.

However, there are no Hungarian blind pigs showcased at this establishment. Very bad “whiskey” is not an option. I tend to enjoy the extensive grappa selection, which tends to go well with the fine espresso served next door for a little pelo del cane, but the real draw is the rainbow of infused vodka. Sweet, sweet vodka.

Imagine 8-10 of your favorite flavors. Now, put them all in 2.5 gallon jars and drown them with vodka. The result is a prism of fruit, vegetable, herb, and spice essence that can be combined 101,000 ways. I always thought of bread wine as a boring, neutral spirit, but it comes to life at The Thin Man, especially when the options allow you to get creative and paint on a canvas catering to your own palate. Tales tell us that vodka began as a medicine, packed with healing botanicals, to increase fertility and awaken lust. Vanilla and mixed berry, sweet tea and cardamom, mango and mint? My lust has been awakened, and the possibilities are endless.

Now only if they started infusing gin..


About Jim Halligan

Jim is a modern day conquistador. When not teaching his three parrots to speak Italian, he spends time poking flags in things and calling them his own.