Great Divide 17th Anniversary Party

If there is only one Great Divide event you attend this year, this should be the one! We’ll open up the brewhouse, taproom, patio and close off the street to throw a big bash to celebrate 17 wonderful years of beer-making. Here’s the scoop:


Saturday, June 11, 2011 from 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM


  • Beer – Special release beers (ones you’ll never get anywhere else!)
  • Live Music
  • One food ticket (additional food available for purchase)

The Bands

  • Lil’ Thunder
  • The Knew
  • Marty Jones
  • Kentucky Street Parlor Pickers

The Food Trucks

  • Basic Kneads
  • Stick It To Me
  • El Caribe
  • Denver Cupcake Truck

This will be the hottest party of the year…buy your tickets today!

About Hanna Laney

Hanna Laney is that middle space in the Venn diagram between grammarian, beer geek and miniature horse aficionado. You can find her tweeting and Facebook-ing for Great Divide Brewing Company and staying around after hours to enjoy a couple cold ones. She will happily discuss picayune details related to the Portland Trail Blazers franchise with anyone silly enough to listen.

  • evan

    This was a great party last year, and I’m sure it will be this year as well. Too bad it’s the same day as the SourFest up at Avery…

  • Fletch

    Maybe noting the date and time would be helpful. June 11th, 2 to 6.

    • PJ

      Good catch, Fletch. Thanks.

  • Hanna Laney

    thanks, Fletch!

  • Hater

    This is fucking ridiculous, I thought this was a community for the people by the people. Why would you plan an event that so many people want to attend on the day of a separately legendary event. This certainly opens my eyes to GD’s vision for the industry and the community.

    • Nicole

      Kyle is right and Avery screwed everyone by selling out of tickets BEFORE the time posted to the public on their posters, website, and FB!

  • Kyle

    I assume Hater is referring to the Truck Road-E-O. Last year it was the same day as the US-England World Cup game, and that worked out.

    Anyone know if they’re selling tickets at the tap room?

    • PJ

      Granted, the WC game was before the party, and you didn’t have to leave town to watch it…

      No tickets in the tap room. It’s all online.

  • Kyle

    Ah. Boulder SourFest is the same day. I would lay the blame on Avery for the scheduling conflict. Great Divide set the date for this 17 years ago.