What to Sip After You Sweat

Bike Beer

Denver is known for being an active and fit city.  We are also known for our love of all things booze related.  Hence my personal guide for adult beverages that go hand in hand with physical activities.

Wheelsucker Wheat

After a nice challenging bike ride your muscles will be as happy as your taste buds for this little treat.  Brewed first as a collaboration between Ska and Avery after a charity ride from Boulder to Durango, this past year’s incarnation included the good folks from Oskar Blues. The first time I had this beer was after my first ride of the summer in my neighborhood park when I was chased by a fox.  After two laps around the park being chased I called it a night and hightailed it towards home.  To this day I have never felt so deserving of a brew after a ride.

Le Petit Saison Petit Saison Chugathon

This crisp refreshing beer has a special place in my heart.  This is the beer that I slammed in a parking lot after completing my first ever 5k just a few months after I got my shiny new ACL.  Traditional style saisons are recommended after any running or working in the fields.

Gin & Tonic with a splash of St. Germain

This drink is a hands down go to after a good tennis match.  Also good after any activity that one would partake in at the local country club, keepin’ it classy.


This is the beverage that inspired this article.  Necessary after any workout that is good enough to toast.  New personal best?  Toast!  First time on a trail or new machine?  Toast!  Discovered a new muscle?  Toast!

"Merica Whiskey Whiskey

We all know that Colorado is full of cowboys, and what better after a day of horseback riding than your favorite whiskey straight up or on the rocks? Nothing says Colorado Cowboy better than  finely crafted American brown giggle water.

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