Some musings on your hangover tomorrow morning.

Today is a drinking day. Similar to a recent drinking day known as St. Paddy’s. One of those days where if you ask a reveler where the holiday originated, they’d most likely shrug and vomit at your feet. It’s a holiday akin to we, as Americans, celebrating the end of the War of 1812. You’ve heard of it, right?

Before dedicating my life to the pursuit of alcohol knowledge and revelry, I studied Psychology. I even got a degree in it. And before starting this site, I wrote for the illustrious Hop Press. Here are two articles I wrote that are specifically relevant to tomorrow morning.

How alcohol affects your brain and behavior. Part IV — Withdrawal

The word hangover first appeared for this purpose in 1904. Therefore, this girl is probably hungover. Logic.

Sadly, alcohol doesn’t always pick up after itself. It leaves a mess and moves on to the next party, and you end up with a hangover.

A hangover is alcohol withdrawal.

A hangover is generally not fun. The Hangover is fun. Notice the difference.

A few weekends ago I had some friends from college in town. We experimented with these symptoms and causes. For your benefit, dear reader.

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How alcohol affects your brain and behavior. Part V – Relief

Raise your hand if you like bacon.


Pictured above: Bacon.

Hangovers suck. But they happen. If you like good beer, like going to bars, like scotch, like… ya, there’s a lot of ways to get a hangover.

Eventually, that gross feeling will go away. And everyone experiences said gross feeling differently. And just as different are people’s cures.

Personally, I like to eat and listen to really vocal-bass-heavy music. Give me some Magnetic Fields and Louis Armstrong or give me death.

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Best of luck tomorrow morning!

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  • Alex for iX MiXer

    Bacon and eggs can truly make you feel better after a night of drinking. Like you said, the day after these wonderful drinking holidays like Cinco de Mayo and St. Patrick’s Day can be tough. At iX MiXer we are working to create a world without hangovers. Since we cannot control how the body is affected by alcohol, we are changing the way to mix a cocktail. By simply mixing iX to your drink you can replenish your body and feel great tomorrow. iX is available at a couple of great bars like Govnr’s Park and the Matchbox.

  • denverbeerchick

    I see this was posted at 2:00pm. I started drinking at 2:30 and never did get to checking my daily blog rounds… I missed this article that probably would have reminded me to back off the drinks earlier in the evening. As it is, I’m nursing quite the hangover today, and I’m still not totally sure what Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of.