Now You Can Be Doubly Aware of How Much You Won’t Taste Coors Light

This summer’s Coors Light labels will now feature not just the cold activated Rocky Mountains in the background, but also will now have TWO temperature strips for COLD and SUPER COLD.

I really wish they had just put AWESOME and FUCK YEAH BRO! on the strips instead.


About Nick Nunns

Nick loves two things above all others: Beer and heavy metal. He's the owner and brewer at the soon-to-open TRVE Brewing Company. If you get him drunk enough, he will probably raise a toast to a Norse god.

  • Mike

    Instead of changing the bottle with some bullshit twister neck – or making the label do stupid shit – why don’t they just have an ad that says – hey you like cheap shitty beer? We make cheap shitty beer. And we’re fucking American unlike AB – so buy our fucking cheap shitty beer man!

  • CraftBeerDude

    When you have as amazing of an “advertising and other product gimmickery” department as Coors, there’s absolutely no reason to waste money improving your product.

    Buckets upon buckets upon truckloads upon buckets of truckloads of buckets of pure FAIL.

    Oh, hey, that gave me an idea! Replace “cold” and “super cold” with “FAIL” and “FAIL HARDER”

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