Firestone Walker’s walk to Colorado

Firestone Walker Walker's Reserve Porter We reported a month ago that Firestone Walker was coming to Colorado. Today we received some more information about their arrival.

Firestone Walker, located “out of the vineyards of California’s central coast”, makes some excellent beers. They have a great barrel aging program, an amazing anniversary series of blended beers, and just wonderful offerings all around. They are currently working out their deal with a distributor in Colorado, but if all goes well, we’ll see them on shelves and taps in June or July.

They’re sending us all their beer. We’ll get Union Jack, Pale 31, DBA (Double Barrel Ale), and Walker’s Reserve from the Proprietors Reserve Series. The Fifteen will most likely be the first of the “big beers” we see, but something like Parabola could show up in some stores, maybe, possibly, if you wish it hard enough.

Moving forward from there, we should see all their Proprietors Reserve, Pale, and Seasonal Series beer as they have the capacity to produce and send the beers our way.

Check back here and on Firestone Walker’s Facebook page for updates.

Firestone Walker Bottles

Flickr photo by NewBrewThursday

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