Free the Hops stops the boycott

Alabama-based non-profit Free the Hops has called a ceasefire on their boycott. They’ve made some headway in their effort to help modernize craft beer laws in Alabama, and believe they are moving in a good direction and no longer need to boycott the distributors originally believed to be hampering their efforts.

As far as the controversy that surrounded this boycott, and our local breweries affected by the boycott, Free the Hops had this to say:

Our decision to boycott has been controversial. We regret that some of the focus, especially outside of Alabama, was directed toward some great breweries that were caught in the middle. This was not our intention, and in hindsight it was an unfortunate, unintended consequence of our decision.

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Visit the Free the Hops site and blog to learn about about their progress in modernizing craft beer law in Alabam.

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