Gary V. does Colorado Wine

Gary Vaynerchuk in Denver Last week I had the pleasure of meeting renowned wine guy, Gary Vaynerchuk, at the Tattered Cover on Colfax on his book signing tour for his newest book The Thank You Economy. If you are a small business owner, work for a large corporation, are in the service industry, or just have a regular 9 to 5, you need to read this book. Heck, even if you aren’t working (or are in school), read this book. More importantly, buy it. Gary has some fine nuggets to share about the current business landscape we are currently living in, and you will learn stuff. But what does this have to do with wine, or Denver?

Many internet-savvy folks know Gary from Wine Library TV, which showcases different wines and offers a fresh, honest opinion on bouquets (sniffy-sniffs), tastes, and price points so we can seek out what we actually enjoy versus being told what to drink. I happen to love this approach, because before Gary, I was drinking boring Pinot Grigio and Cabernet that I told myself I liked but actually hated.

His new project, Daily Grape, offers a shorter, “daily version” that is available via app so you can learn about the world’s most versatile fruit and your favorite wines on the go. Here he is, talking about Colorado wines, kicking a little knowledge about our recovering wine industry, and really enjoying a local wine from his Denver hotel room last Thursday.


Don't worry, this face isn't for our wine.

We’d love him to do more Colorado wine reviews on Daily Grape or WLTV. What wines do you think Gary absolutely must try?

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  • Ginger Pelz

    Locally, I’m a huge fan of Balistreri Vineyard ( They actually grow some of the grapes just outside of Denver. I’ve tasted a lot of different wines from the winery just north of the city and most of them are downright delightful. I am a fan.

    Also, kudos to Gary for trying the CO wine and telling the world that you don’t always have to accept what you hear.

    • Jim Halligan

      Huge fan of Balistreri as well. Wine in Denver is great, but I am always wanting more. Perhaps a trip to the other side of the Rockies needs to happen soon. I am curious about what makes it to the front range and what doesn’t…

      It is crazy that this state had so many wineries around the turn of the century, and how hard prohibition hurt. A great thing for Colorado, is how we are so into craft beer and do it well, but I am really excited for wine coming back in a big way.

      • PJ

        We were already talking about a trip to Peach Street Distilleries.. Maybe a combined trip!

        • Ginger Pelz


        • Jim Halligan

          Making a checklist. Case of wine I can’t get in Denver, and a bottle of Palisade peach bitters. I think that covers it.

  • rosie

    I’ve liked every wine I’ve ever tasted from Infinite Monkey Theorem. A few of Bonaquisti’s are delicious, too.

    I wish wine had a bigger presence here! You know what a wino I am 🙂

    • Jim Halligan

      IMT Sauv Blanc is a killer. I don’t think it gets any better for summer patio drinking. That monkey freaks me out though!

  • Kath

    3 parrots? Since when?


  • Jess Hunter

    I’m from Grand Junction and I think some of the best vineyards over on that side are:

    Two Rivers (Port, Syrah, Riesling, and they’re starting to work with Malbec)
    Canyon Winds (Great Tempranillo)
    Plum Creek (Riesling, Somerset, and their Grand Mesa)
    Grande Mesa (They are also working with Malbecs and they’ve a decent ice wine)

    Some of the more “interesting” places to visit are:
    Meadery of the Rockies
    Graystone Winery
    Carlson Vineyards (Cherry wine and chocolate)
    Colorado Cellars, maybe.

    Grand Junction’s style is very fruit-based, so you get a lot of peach, pear, cherry, blackberry-type wines. Some of the muscats are good, and some of them not. (

    And yeah, Peach Street? Love that place. And be sure to do Kannah Creek brewery for their stout. Deliciousness.

  • Jess

    I’m a long time Vayniac (fan of Wine Library TV and now the Daily Grape). I think it would be interesting to see Gary do port tasting- seems to me Colorado’s high altitude vineyards and sunny days make for tasty fortified wines.

    Bookcliffe Vineyards in Palisade makes some reds w/good fruit and a bit of the vegetal character Gary seems to go for. Their Riesling is a bit sweet but still balanced with good acidity.

    • Jim Halligan

      Good info. I really appreciate the feedback and think Coloradans have a great deal to discover about wines that are right in their back yards.

  • Ryan

    I want some peach bitters