Star Bar adds WiFi

WiFi at Star Bar is now live!

One of the best things about beer culture is the connectivity of the people – with each other, and the products.  We decided we needed to enhance our ability to increase that connectivity through WiFi.  That, and the fact that we are two blocks from Coors Field and when there is a game just about all service is sucked out of the area.

Our THIRSTY clientele will find it much less stressful to connect to all their beer drinking / cocktail swillin’ brethren whether they are local or national.  You can now hook up to all the social media platforms, look up information, check a score, or just give a shout out that you are having a great time.

AND, all the Denver Waggoners can now actually get some work done while enjoying a delicious beverage.

About Justin Lloyd

Justin believes that Beer, Tacos, and Cookies are the perfect foods, as long as one of them is spicy. He prefers interesting to boring, and has no patience for people that are simply taking up space and wasting air. Most of the time you can find him at the bar he owns and operates, making cocktails and friends. You should go meet him.