Cure Your 420 Cottonmouth with Humulus Lupulus

At a Mile High, we’re notorious for the high life.

420 On Norlin Quad

We’re a special place.  With continual reports about CU-Boulder trying to “control” its 420 crowd, the Green Mile (Broadway) has landed us publicity nationwide, and green crosses are more frequently visible than Mormon wards in Salt Lake City.  And in one of the best beer cities, why not use this day, April 20 (4/20), as an excuse to celebrate marijauana’s cousin, the hop.

Hops 2009 - Spalt

The plant family Cannabiaceae includes two genera — Cannabis (C. sativa, the source of marijuana) and Humulus, with two species (namely H. lupulus, the European hop, and H. japonicus, the Japanese hop).  More specifically to beer, the European hops species flavoring used in beer, Humulus lupulus, come from the resin released by the glands the female flower clusters.  “Hoppy” beers are often associated with a bitter, citrus flavor used to balance the sweetness of malt in beer.  The flavors and aromas of using hops can warrant different flavor profiles with a beer, depending on the hop varietal.

Vine Street Pub is having their 420 Anniversary BBQ Burndown beginning today at 4:00pm with BBQ, music from the By All Means Band, and of course our friend, the hop.

If you can’t make it to Vine Street Pub, you can still make the 420 fun.  Boulder’s own Avery Brewing Company Maharaja is on tap Rackhouse, as is Ska Modus Hoperandi IPA on draft.  Euclid Hall is pouring Stone IPA and Odell’s Myrcenary Double IPA.  Freshcraft just tapped Oskar Blues One Hit Wonder Double IPA and Hops & Pie is rocking G’Knight (Oskar Blues) as well as Port Brewing’s Wipeout.  Get 17th Anniversary Wood Aged Double IPA straight from the source at Great Divide Brewing.  And you can always get into some trouble at Falling Rock Tap House’s tap list, with Pliny the Elder, Avery DuganA, Odell IPA, Moyland’s Harvest IPA, and Green Flash Le Freak just to name a few.

Get all hopped up today and don’t forget to puff, puff, pass.


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  • CraftBeerDude

    Oh, Falling Rock… How you never cease to amuse me with your apparent mixture or rebellion and aloof neglect…
    Tap list page “Last updated 3.21.11” which means there’s *no way* it’s correct. Oh, and keep fighting the good fight; who would want Facebook updates from Falling Rock, anyway?