Vine Street (Brewery) Update

There have been rumors and stories that Vine Street Pub, part of the Mountain Sun family, would be brewing beer on premise. Here’s some more information from head brewer Brian Hutchinson on their progress:

We have purchased the brewhouse and cellar equipment.  We have taken the floor down three feet to accommodate our tanks and storage needs and are waiting on our building permit to begin the construction.  We have passed the majority of our inspections so we should be very close.

I am still hoping that we will be brewing our first batch of beer by late fall- early winter.  We shall see….

Great to hear! Hopefully we’ll be able to enjoy some special one off creations right in our back yard.

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  • Kyle

    Can we get an update on this, PJ?

    • PJ

      Just emailed. There were a few updates after this, but tl;dr: nothing yet. I’ll post something when I hear back.