Denver Pedal Bar Opening This Weekend

Denver Pedal Bar This is exciting news. Have you ever wanted to pedal your way along a pub crawl, on the same ‘bike’ as the rest of your friends? Well, now you can. The Denver Pedal Bar will be starting tours this weekend. The phenomenon that has started in other cities worldwide, a pedal-powered pub which carries up to 16 people, allows you to cruise the city streets from bar to bar. At a two-hour and 6 person minimum, the mobile bar has fixed routes that meander through the LoDo and Ballpark neighborhoods and will stop at your favorite watering holes. You can also design an awesome bar crawl of your own, or just ride dirty through Denver. Yee-haw.

Originally, we thought that they served beer while you pedaled around, but Denver’s open container laws prohibit that. Still, a pretty awesome way to bar hop.

Call 720.626.1715 for reservations.
Image and scoop courtesy of the Thrillist

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  • Jim Halligan

    Thought. Since you are allowed to drink in Denver’s parks, beer on Denver Pedal Bar might be possible. Laps around Wash park anyone?

    • Nick

      The Pedal Bar is doing a huge trek to Wash Park this Friday!! Details on their Facebook page. Fun Earth Day event!!

  • Sarah

    Hmmm wasn’t so sure about doing this, but then saw a deal for 50% off on and the deal seems totally worth giving it a shot for the price they’re offering. I mean the Zowzee price allows you to buy out the cart so you can be with just your group of friends.

  • cambria

    um, we are going to use their fleet of these at GABF btw.