BarSmarts Live in Denver

Far too long, we as consumers have been forced to drink without education. Far too long, we have been given too few choices for our libations. Far too long, we have suffered at the hands of mass-produced beer and Jagermeister. Things are changing. We watch the cocktail scene in Denver grow to new heights at a very rapid rate, giving us access to new potables and brews, cocktails and vermouths, etc. Where once we were ignorant to what the alcohol world had to offer, we now stand at the edge of something big.  It’s about to get a lot better.

Imagine having the same confidence in your bartender as you do in your sommelier. Imagine having confidence that your bartender has been trained properly and has enough knowledge that he/she is not going to serve you just any old swill.  Imagine that your bartender has been certified by a program that is to the cocktail/spirits world as the Sommelier is to wine or the Cicerone is to beer. That will become a reality for a hundred plus Denver bartenders as the B.A.R., or Beverage Alcohol Resource program out of New York, comes live to Denver today, April 12th at the Four Seasons Hotel in the form of BarSmarts.

Normally, this program is a full week long in New York City. Graduates leave, upon graduation, as either “BAR ready” or “BAR certified” (graduated with honors).  The program that will be offered to Denver’s bartenders today will be a day long crash course modeled after the week long offering in NYC. We, as bartenders, have been studying since November when it was announced that Denver was receiving the opportunity to participate in this coveted program.

Denver, today a large number of us will be BarSmarts graduates. Today, the Denver cocktail scene gains even more momentum. Today, you’ll be able to have confidence that, if your bartender is BarSmarts certified, you could not be in better hands.

About Adam Dunbar

Adam is 1 part whiskey, 1 part gin, 1 part beer. His love for everything booze has landed him a job in which he gets paid to enjoy the fine art of drinking. Should you care to join him, you can find him behind the bar at Encore On Colfax.