The arrival and departure of craft brands

The past few weeks have seen a lot of news about craft breweries entering and leaving markets. While this is a continual aspect of any growing industry, some big names such as Dogfish Head and Great Divide have really brought it to the attention of the people.

Big local news was Great Divide pulling out of a bunch of states. While it doesn’t affect us here in Denver – they’re not leaving us, don’t worry – it is interesting to see our backyard affecting the country like that. We’re also getting Firestone Walker. And just this week, reported Left Hand pulling out of a few states as well. Check out’s updated list of the comings and goings of breweries across the country.

As the craft beer market grows, I expect we’ll see a lot more breweries pulling out of some states to ensure supply in other states, as well as an overall growth in reach of craft beer. Drink locally!

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