Wine for the Patio

It is April and Spring has finally sprung in Denver. We have some of the best patios, balconies  or porches with views of the Rocky Mountains in the background or maybe a park with dogs frolicking or kids playing. Never the least it is time to get of your house and enjoy. One of my favorite things to do is to relax, kick off my shoes, and enjoy a great glass of wine while enjoying the great outdoors.

As the seasons change so does my wine selection. Winter happens to be a more full bodied red and as I go into spring I love to have something a bit lighter, crisp,and refreshing with citrus and tropical notes tantalizing all of my senses. Why is that?  It’s cheaper?  No! Well I think that in general people just drink more in the summer so they don’t want anything to heavy but yet, still want to drink. Don’t get me wrong–if I am grilling a steak I am for sure going to have a great big ass glass of red. Nevertheless, there are some great white wines that can satisfy you and your need for all of those fantastic varietals we have to choose from. I am going to share some of my favorite “spring time” selections for my patio, your porch, restaurant veranda as long as it’s outside and give me a jingle and I’ll join.


My 1st pick not in any specific order is STARBOROUGH Saviginon Blanc from New Zealand  This wine is light, crisp and overall refreshing. It has great tropical accents of Passion Fruit, Guava, Gooseberry and yet some herbal notes with a great citrus background. I love it with Falafel or just some Tzatziki and pita. I am Greek you know….OOPA!!!

Next I’m going to move on to Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc – Viognier. I truly love this wine. The unique blend exhibits bright smells that will tickle your nose with pink grapefruit,melon,white tea and ohhh the honeysuckle. Your palate will dance with tastes of pear, pineapple, nectarine ( the white kind) and apricot while it is still light and off dry with a great clean finish. This wine wants some spice with it. Spicy Tuna Roll is my favorite or perhaps some Spicy Fish Tacos. Caliente!

Last but not least Marc Bredif Vouvray from the Loire Valley of France. This one is kinda tricky but, so good. Light and breezy with a persistent scent of grape skins. We will get to that another time. It has great notes of peach, honey, quince jelly,and a bit of marzipan from start to finish. It makes me feel like I’m there in the Loire Valley with the wind blowing through my hair… and I love it with Curry so yummy. Bon Appetit.

Those are my picks for now so get out there, enjoy and as always CHEERS.



About Dina Ramsted

Dina has a history of pouring great drinks. She can currently be found behind the bar at Star Bar.