Rockies Opening Day – Drink Specials

Rockies Opening Day 2011 It is time for the season opener folks, and this time I am talking about baseball. Yes, Rockies opening day is upon us this week. If you haven’t already asked for Friday off, you better let your coworkers witness mass quantities of Emergen-C falling out of your pants’ pockets and whip up a good fake cough. It’s time to play ball.

Every year this ‘holiday’ seems to exceed the recent festivities of St. Patrick’s Day in downtown Denver. There will be a lot of purple, and there will also be a lot of drunk people wearing purple. To help ease the stress of planning on what to do, Off The Wagon would like to share what we have learned attending this event over the years, some good deals going on near Coors Field, and how to heckle D-back (also known as D-bag) fans.

The first few pointers may seem like common sense, but I have watched at least a dozen people eff up too early, and we certainly don’t encourage quitters or failure around here. The number one tip to write down is do not drive. Absolutely never drink and drive, but you will want to avoid driving anywhere near LoDo on opening day. If you do decide to brave the traffic, get there early.

Wear sunscreen. People tend to burn easier when drinking, and a peeling nose or raccoon face is not a good look for that meeting on Monday. I personally forgot this important step last year, and looked like Clifford for a few days.

Do you like bacon? Yes. Be at The Lobby at 11am for their Annual Pig Roast. It’s 15 bucks a head for all you can eat porky goodness, among other delicious sounding things. They have those cool beer towers too. Do you like other meat besides bacon? Biker Jim’s is now open at 22nd and Larimer (don’t worry- they have bacon, too).

Drink waterDrink beer! Essentially, every bar will have drink specials throughout Denver, and all-day happy hour is usually the standard. I tend to think the bars in NoDo (north of downtown) have a little more elbow room for beer curls. The places to go and treats include:

  • Great Divide – Good beer and Basic Kneads Pizza!
  • Star Bar – $3 20oz Coors Lights, $4 20oz Dale’s Pale Ale $3 Fat Tire, Sunshine Wheat, Ranger IPA, $4 Wells, $5 calls, BBQ from Fat Daddy’s, Live music at 6pm – no cover.
  • Whiskey Bar – $3 Wynkoop B3K, Corona, Coors Light, & Jim Beam. Keep your game ticket for a free PBR can afterwards.
  • Scruffy Murphy’s – $4 PBR tall boys, $3 Bud Light 16’rs, $5 Jamo & Sailor Jerry, $5 Shepherds Pie, Grill going with burgers and dogs.
  • Retro Room – $3 calls, $3 infusions, $2 retro cans, $3 wine/well/draft, Pulled pork sammys, beef and chicken cheesesteak, brats all with a side of chips, slaw, or potato salad for $6.
  • Gin Mill – $3 domestic pints, $4 micro pints, $3 wells and “some kind of purple shooter thing”.
  • Blake Street Tavern – $3 Coors Light, $4 Blue Moon, $4 Bud/Bud Light 16’rs. Limited menu with the grill going.

LoDo is sure be a shit show, and great for people watching. Here are some places you may want to hit up:

  • Lodo’s – $5 24oz Coors/Coors Lights, $8 24oz Guinness, $6.5 24oz Micros, $5 Smirnoff/Jamo drinks, rotating shots specials announced by live DJs, raffle for a Harley Davidson bike.
  • The Tavern Downtown- Open at 9am
  • Giggling Grizzly – $2.5 Bud/Bud Light pints, $2 purple Jell-O shots, $3 infused vodka / $4 flavored vodka, $3 sloppy joes with a bag of potato chips.
  • It’s Brother’s – Some sort of draft pitcher special (Miller/Coors).
  • Jackson’s – $20 buckets (5) of Coors Light aluminum pints.
  • Sports Column – $2.75 pints/$7 pitchers of Coors Light.
  • Falling Rock – Normal happy hour – $.50 off pints.
  • The Celtic – Fish and chips with a Bud/Bud Light for $9.95.
  • Fado – Harp, Jäger, and merlot for $4, buckets (5) of Bud/Bud Light for $15.

I’m sure I missed more than a few. Feel free to add to the comments.


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