These Juice Joints are the Bee’s Knees!

A while back a fine gent that goes by the name Nick Nunns wrote a post featuring his favorite watering holes, which inspired me to share with you fine folks my favorite local joints.

Hops & Pie

Hops & Pie tap list

This little gem opened in the lovely Berkeley neighborhood north Denver not long ago and already has a reputation as one of the go to beer bars in town.  They offer 20+ tap handles featuring hard to come by local and national treats.  They also recently started a partnership with Strange brewing to offer a house IPA, the Hops & PIe P.A. which is run through a hop filter with every pour.  On top of their extensive tap list, they also carry an ever growing selection of craft bombers.  I have also noticed that they carry at least one gluten free beer as well as one cider at all times.   While their day to day menu is hard to beat, it is their special events that really help set them apart.  Every first Friday they hold a special Firkin Friday party featuring local brewery firkin goodness.  They also recently started doing monthly Little Big Beerfests where they have a local brewery come out and tap a few special beers for the afternoon.  These are a great opportunity to try some interesting local craft beers as well as rub elbows with the folks who make and sell them.  In addition to the amazing amounts of beery goodness there are fantastic food options.  From their mashed potato and steak pizza to their beer mac and cheese I have never been disappointed.  They also have menu options for gluten free, vegetarian, and lactose free meals so everybody wins!

Cheeky Monk: Denver & Westminster Cheeky Monk North These two locations provide a one two dynamic punch duo of beer awesomeness in my life.  While I spend a fair amount of time at the Colfax location I do find myself up north at least once a month so naturally I have to make a pitstop there.  Both locations have the same food menu and the quality is the seems to be the same at either location so whether your hankerin’ some moules et frites or a fatty waffle with Nutella and carmelized bananas you are good to go.  The Denver location has been making expansions to its taps with what little space they have to accommodate the growing presence of American craft beer in what was once a strictly Belgian beer bar, which is quite a welcome expansion for Denver beer geeks.  The Westminster location, on the other hand, was built with more space and taps available.  At the front of the large space is their old world bar with 20 taps devoted to the Belgian side of things. Towards the  back of the restaurant, near the patio doors they have a new world bar that is about half the size of the other but devoted entirely to American craft beer.  Though the standard beers are the same at both locations, the beer of the moment beers are often different and always interesting.  The selection of beer paired with the delicious food and knowledgeable staff makes these spots winners!

Great Divide Tap Room Great Divide Tap Room I mean really, it’s the freakin’ Great Divide tap room, that in and of itself justifies the awesomeness of the place.  There are multiple reasons why I love this place. For one, you can drink some of the best beer in Colorado right at its source. It’s like drinking water from the mouth of a mountain spring, but better.  The bartenders are also a draw, they are always friendly and helpful without being sickeningly sweet.  While they do not serve food, they have started having food trucks such as Stick It To Me and Basic Kneads pizza out front a front a few days a week.  In addition to this there are a plethora of neighborhoods eateries that will prepare food for the hungry masses, some that even deliver to the tap room.  During the summer time there is nothing finer than sitting on the patio sipping from a shimmering glass of Collette while you watch the world go by.  

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