Prendi Intossicato Con Una Capra

Even though it is not remotely close to Columbus Day, we shall pay homage to the ‘discoverer’ this week. Legend states that when Christopher’s fleet crossed the high seas, they traveled with 3 times the amount of booze they needed to make the trip- because of the elements, and “loss”. I call bullshit. That dude knew how to throw a party, and best believe the Queen of Spain threw in some chips for the good stuff.

With margaritas, there are many variations, and I took myself for a little detour (just like CC) to discover a whole new world (cue Aladdin theme)… the Italian margarita.

It is amazing what a good triple sec can do for crappy tequila and sub-par sour mix. What is even more amazing? Amaretto.

Lunch Time: I wandered the streets looking for a drink to quench my thirst along with a snack, and found Cafe Colore nestled in Writer’s Square next to the big-ass Pegasus. The ironic part, was not that I found myself in yelling distance from American Apparel, it was the fact that I was hungry for a margherita pizza before I uncovered this jewel of a drink. Adding to the awesomeness of my discovery was the patio; a lovely spot to drink, eat, and watch the lunch crowd carry Subway back to the office.

The main difference between your normal patio margarita is, of course, amaretto instead of triple sec. The rim is also sugared instead of salted. I am very tempted to take this recipe home and experiment with herb-infused simple syrups for my sour mix along with a quality tequila. This will be my drink of choice all summer- from now until Columbus Day.



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