Rumor Mill 3: Sometimes True Things About Booze In Denver

[Disclaimer: Only one of these three stories is actually true. Not telling which one. Welcome to the Rumor Mill. Check back every Wednesday for more lies. And maybe a truth.]

Click me! Hopquila, distilled from Imperial IPA wort and dry hopped! Whaaaat?


I hear tell of a new brewery that is planning to start distributing here in Colorado and man am I excited.  They are called New Holland Brewery and are located in Holland, Michigan.  You may have tried some of their beers during the GABF last year at Falling Rock Tap House.  They had an excellent saison, wheat wine and imperial IPA as well as a Mutinous Battle Chai Ale that they brewed with the fine people at Mutineer Magazine.  They also make a fantastic gin with more than a dozen botanicals and an interesting spirit that they call Hopquila, which is distilled from their imperial IPA wort and and dry hopped with centennial hops.  Keep an eye out for some of their products and if you don’t see them soon make sure to let them know that you want their beers and spirits out here!

Is everybody ready for the Colette release party on April 8th over at the Great Divide Brewery?  I hope so because I have heard that since Great Divide is growing so quickly they are going to have to cut the production of Samurai in favor of getting Colette to us!  I personally don’t have a problem with that at all, but you Samurai rice beer fans may be wanting for a little while until they get all their new fermenters installed.  Don’t be too sad though because we also have Chocolate Yeti and 17th anniversary wood aged IPA coming out at the same time as Colette.  Make sure to get tickets for the release party online!

There have been a lot of beer happenings going on in Fort Collins, mostly driven by the Fort Collins Brewery moving to a larger location.  A brewery called Funkwerks moved into their old location and they are exclusively brewing “farmhouse style” beer.  I can tell you from experience that their imperial saison dubbed the Maori King is top notch!  If that wasn’t exciting enough, there is another project going on at the Funkwerks brewery during their off hours called the Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project.  These guys are brewing 100% barrel aged beers with lots of brettanomyces and other souring bacterias.  I know you all love sour beers and I hear that we should be seeing some of their brews show up around town in a month or two.  We live in an exciting time for beer and it is our duty to take advantage of it!

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Josh is a beer and whiskey enthusiast. He is a home brewer and a long time member of the Denver Whiskey Club and Denver Homebrew Club. He also makes Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey for money.

  • Jake

    Wow… I’m even stumped on this one… Maybe the devil is in the details?

    Hopquila: Yes, it does exist, and if New Holland is going to distribute in CO, I too am very excited. There is one detail in that paragraph that is not exactly true…

    Great Divide: I’m attending said release party, so that’s true, but as far as the details regarding Samurai production, I don’t have the faintest idea…

    Crooked Stave: Indeed sharing space with Funkwerks, which is indeed in the old FCB building…

    You don’t have to tell me if I’m right or not, but my vote for “entirely true” goes to No.3 🙂