Biker Jim’s food cart explodes.. into a restaurant

Biker Jim’s has been open in Denver for only a few years, but that little food cart has become an icon, legend, anchor, and friend of Denver. Biker Jim’s Dogs is the highest rated restaurant on Yelp in Denver, a member of the Justice League of Street Food, and a must-stop spot for locals and tourists alike.

That little cart is growing up. As early as next Friday, March 25th, Bike Jim’s Dog will have a new home in “NoDo”, at 2148 Larimer Street. The neighborhood is growing with some of the most interesting, unique and downright awesome shops in town. Surrounded by establishments like Great Divide, Star Bar, Hi*Rise, The Lobby, Marcos Pizza, Buenos Aires, and Snooze, NoDo is an off-the-beaten-path haven for good food, drinks, and people.

Enter Biker Jim.

Jim found an empty shell, and has turned it into a room that is him. It’s unmistakably Jim. Super comfortable chairs, corrugated metal, smooth edges and the remnants of a burnout party on the floor.


A lot of the plan is still up in the air. And it will stay that way. As the restaurant grows and the audience is defined, things will change. At the start, the hours will look something like this:

And the "Nope" will become a "Yup"

Sunday – Monday: 10:30am – 10pm
Tuesday – Wednesday: 10:30am – 12am
Thursday – Saturday: 10:30am – 3 or 4am

That’s right. Late night.

Fans of the cart will find their favorites at the new restaurant, grilling in the open kitchen, making mouths water. There will be a few additions to the menu, however, bringing the total number of dogs up to 21 varieties.

Rattle Snake. Yak. A 1/4 lb duck. The B.A.T. dog (Bacon, Avocado, Tomato. And more bacon). Alaskan Italian.

“There’s not much of a tastier brat,” Jim said about the Alaskan Reindeer. That will remain on the menu, along with pheasant and other crowd favorites.

New creations, things that couldn’t be done on the cart, enter the fray as well. Picture this:

Duck sausage with wasabi aioli, shaved Irish cheddar, and caramelized apples.

There will also be a slider flight of dogs with wings: duck, pheasant, and goose.

The kitchen, along with a much bigger grill than the cart, has other fun items. Like sinks. And a griddle. And fryers. Refrigerators. This allows for some different items too. The fryer will produce simplicities like fries, chips, and and fried mac & cheese.

And fried green tomatoes, when they’re in season. When they’re not? Fried beef steak. There’s also the possibility of something called “Fry It Friday”. Let your imagination run with that one. Here’s some help: Pineapple spears in cake crumbs.

The griddle brings an opportunity for Sonoran, a beef dog, wrapped in bacon, a big soft pocketed Mexican roll, stuffed with beans, tomatoes, jalapenos, onions… “It’s a garbage plate of a dish,” says Jim. “It sounds amazing,” says me.

They’ll be expanding into the burger market too. Not too far. Just two options: Yak and ostrich.

Biker Jim’s will be using wine in a few of their recipes. Keep an eye out for Wiener Wellington, a rib eye steak brat with dijon and Bordelaise. That’s a red wine reduction sauce. In fact, they’ll be using wine in a few different recipes.

If you’ve ever been to Jim’s food cart, you know one dog can put you in a food coma. But sometimes you have room for a little more.

Enter Biker Jim’s Desserts.

Cheesecakes. Limoncello sour orange swirl with a ginger snap crust. Irish carbomb. Kahlua and coffee.

Among many other creations, they will also offer a light and dark chocolate mousse. Affectionately known as “Two Mousse. One Cup.”

Something new are the ingredients. Almost all of the meat is sustainable and chemical free. No high fructose corn syrup, either. The Coke onions will be made with a simpler version of the soda. They’re even working on a Blue Sky soda machine.

“We want you to be able to pronounce all the ingredients in our products. Sug-ar. Rain-Deer,” explains Jim.

Overall, things have been working out and falling into place. They always have. As Jim says, “If you do something and and do something and there’s no resistance, you’re doing the right thing. Right?”

Without question.

While there have been a few hiccups along the way, things have been going extremely well. And those hiccups just help to accentuate the need for amazing staff.

Enter Chandler.

Chandler came on the scene about a week after Jim opened. He was working nearby, couldn’t have been a day older than 21, and came across like a mix between Johnny Rotten and Ferris Bueller. His first words: “I don’t know if you know this, but I’m kind of a big deal.”


Chandler is now handling the details, the nitty gritty, the books, the ordering, and the booze. I talked to him as he painted the railings, talked to the accountant, and tried to keep passerby from touching the wet paint. He is the “MoO”, or Manager of Operations. Or just “moo”.

Jim is on the wagon, and has been for the better part of two decades. He lives vicariously through Chandler’s liver.

Under Chandler’s direction, the bar will, in his words, “Be cost effective and hold value for our customers.” For beer, they won’t have any taps, instead focusing on a bottle and can list built on local products. The exceptions to the local rule include Stone IPA and PBR.

On the list, you’ll find a few options from Avery, Oskar Blues, and New Belgium. As one of their sausages is cooked in 1554, that will definitely be available.

Great Divide is two blocks away, and Biker Jim’s plans on having a rotating special from their neighbors. It helps that Chandler can walk a dolly over and pick up something special. Something the distributor might not even have.

They’ll also carry Bristol’s Laughing Lab and Left Hand’s Milk Stout. Coors Light will be their only other macro option. The list is flexible, and as the clientele defines itself, so will the list.

Liquor, for the most part, will contain wells and the normal bar offerings.

“We’re Biker Jim’s. No one wants anything too fancy,” says Chandler.

So they’ll carry almost nothing from the premium category, save for Stranahan’s. The gin in Hendrick’s. The rum is Sailor Jerry’s, chosen over Captain Morgans because, well, it’s better.

Tequila won’t be Cuervo. It won’t be Patron. It will be an estate  label called Tres Agaves. It’s a better tequila that costs less. $7 añejo margaritas.

“We’re going to have a blast.”

Biker Jim’s bar will have a few very fun and creative drink specials right off the bat. For the hungover morning crowd, they’ll offer concoctions like the Blood Sausage Bloody Mary. Read that again. Blood Sausage Bloody Mary. It’s a bloody mary, seasoned with blood sausage. Among other mixings.

Not a bloody fan, but comfortable with some pre-noon drinking? Try the Hangover-rita, a jalapeno infused lemon juice, tequila, and orange juice blend that will “make your eyes go wide”.

Pending some feedback from breweries and lawyers, they’ll also offer some “Loaded Beers”. Milk Stout plus a shot of vanilla vodka. White Rascal with blueberry vodka. Other fun matchups that offer great flavors.

Biker Jim’s is going to be unique, yet familiar. It will be a place for food and drink alike. It will be amazing.

And it will be open next week.

Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs – 2148 Larimer

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  • Taylor

    So rad! That area is really starting to attract some quality establishments. Can’t wait for this!

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    That has just been placed at the top of my list of “Shit I Need to Do Next Time I’m in Denver” right below “Drink Beer With PJ” and “Eat More Poutine at Euclid Hall.”

    • PJ

      You know, we can do all those things in under an hour…

      • Jess Hunter

        I want in.

      • Alex P. Davis

        Not if we do them right!

  • Jess Hunter

    Opening day. We’re there.

  • Kay Paulson

    Sounds Wonderfull – Will miss the cart on the street, but nothing stays the same!!!!! We will stop by when around!!!

    • PJ

      The cart isn’t going anywhere! This is in addition to the cart 🙂

  • Ginger Pelz

    I. Cannot. Wait. Awesome article, PJ!

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    Sooooooo excited!!!!!! See you there!

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