Quick Survey: Name This Beer

Freshcraft is pouring a new combination beer right now, and they need a name. Help them out! Leave your ideas in the comments.

It’s a “black & tan” with O’Hara’s Irish Stout and Great Divide’s Hoss.

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PJ likes beer. A lot. And whiskey. Gin. Wine. Cocktails. Um.. what were we talking about?

  • JohnMcG

    Plaid & tan!

  • http://www.denveroffthewagon.com/ Nick Nunns

    A Hooligan!

  • http://denveroffthewagon.com PJ

    Some results from elsewhere:

    Dina: Irish Hoss
    Phil: O’ha
    Billy: Dirty Hoss
    Jess: Kiss Me Arse, shamrock slainte, black and rye, Irish Hoss, The Liffey, Barley Shaker, The Guardie,

  • Dave

    Hostile Irishman 🙂

  • Jess Hunter

    some more:

    The Red Irish
    The Celt
    The Black Cab
    Black & Bollocks
    The Craic (pronounced “crack”)
    Black and Jackeen

    • http://billybrew.com Billy Broas

      Are these all yours? You are a machine.

  • http://drinkwiththewench.com The Beer Wench

    What do I get if I win? Please say it’s a date with Colin…

    • http://denveroffthewagon.com PJ

      He is one of Denver’s most eligible bachelors.. Of course, that means coming to Denver!

  • http://drinkwiththewench.com The Beer Wench

    Scottish Invasion

    Stoat the ba’
    (Of men, engaging in a relationship with a girl of (dangerously) much younger years, “Ye shoulda seen thon young schoolie Andra wis in wi’ last night. He’ll be gettin the jail fur stoat the ba’.”)

    I wrote too much copy today, my creativity is weak…

  • http://bikebusbeer.com Alex P. Davis

    Been a long day, but here goes:


    Dubhenbraun (“Dubh” is Celtic for black and “Braun” is German for brown)

    Rye’n O’hara

  • http://denveroffthewagon.com PJ

    Freshcraft is going with “Irish Divide”. Thanks everyone for your suggestions! You can drain one of these concoctions for $4 this Thursday.

  • http://drinkwiththewench.com The Beer Wench

    Well rumor has it that I have the 10th most influential alcohol blog in the country. So I think that warrants me a date with Sir Colin.

    You know people. Make it happen.

  • http://drinkwiththewench.com The Beer Wench

    Sir William Wallace

  • WillyD

    Stout in the Rye