An Open Letter to Denver Cabs

Light on means “I want you to pay me to bring you places”.


Light off means “I’m currently being paid to bring someone somewhere”

No fares. Taxi in the snow. Ft. Hamilton Pkwy.

Light on and with fare gives us blue balls.

Blue balls

Light off and wanting fare says “Hi, I’m a random car, want a ride?”

yellow car

Denver Cabs: I don’t know if you’re reading this, but please make our lives easier. Cab light on when you want a fare. Cab light off when you have a fare.


Denver drinkers.

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  • CONK

    I’ll step forward right now and say that this ‘rant’ should be the first of many to come because of all the cities in the world that I’ve taken cabs, the cabbies of Denver can be, by far, the least knowledgeable, least accommodating, rudest bunch of jackals I’ve ever experienced.

    Please email in your stories about Bad Cab rides and ridiculous cabbies, inflated fares and ridiculous assholes who don’t take credit cards, don’t speak English, or don’t think that we know what the hell is going on.


  • CONK

    this bad cab is definat3ly happening.

    I hope you find a voice for your frustrations thru DenverOffTheWagon…..

  • PJ