Rumor Mill: Sometimes True Things About Denver Booze

[Disclaimer: Only one of these three stories is actually true. Not telling which one. Welcome to the Rumor Mill. Check back every Wednesday for more lies. And maybe a truth.]

Apparently, there has been a lactobacillus outbreak at the Avery Brewery, infecting their entire barrel room.  When this happens, most breweries throw out all their beer, but not Avery.  They are going to be offering almost all of it in the tap room and may even bottle a few for their barrel aged series.  I do have to warn everyone to watch out for bacteria though because at the rate it is evolving and becoming immune to new antibiotics, bacteria will soon be large enough that the sickness they induce will not kill you.  Rather you will die by choking on one of the huge bacterias floating around.  So much for the future.

Look at those butcher tattoos! Jonas ' big hands Food cart friends or anyone who enjoys The Justice League of Street Food in the summer may know that there is a new not cart restaurant opening up for Biker Jim’s.  I’ve also heard that Jim has some pretty crazy (and tasty) ideas including “fry anything Fridays”.  Jim has been heard saying he wants to try frying everything from eggs to filet mignon to cheese cake.  Never fear though because his food carts are supposed to stay in business and we will all still be able to get pheasant dogs at Argonauts.


Infinite Monkey Theorem Winery will have some interesting art for the next First Friday Art Walk.  In keeping with their name the winery will have artistic depictions of text typed by actual monkeys.  Let’s see if we can find anything rivaling Bill Shakespeare in any of those pieces.  An 87 point Syrah (according to Wine Spectator) on top of some neat art in the Sante Fe art district makes this place quite worth a visit!  If you don’t know what the hell the actual infinite monkey theorem is, Wikipedia always has it right.

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