The Rumor Mill: Sometimes True Things About Denver Booze

[Disclaimer: Only one of these three stories is actually true. Not telling which one. Welcome to the Rumor Mill. Check back every Wednesday for more lies. And maybe a truth.]

In my conversations with friends and patrons at the bar I hear about a lot of interesting things are going in the Denver beer, wine and whiskey scene.  Here are a few things that are probably true. Or not.

Absinthe Leopold Brothers have found a loophole in the law against putting too much wormwood in their Absinthe and have seriously upped the content.  So grab a bottle or two and fill up a pint glass with Leopold Brothers Absinthe and a few sugar cubes.  Make sure to light it on fire for a few seconds to really get that wormwood going.  Enjoy this cocktail three times a day for a few days an you will start seeing unicorns and dancing food products all over the place.  Please don’t drink and drive!

Patrick Patrick Langlois, Great Divides bar manager has left the tap room and left Colin Ferguson and Jennie Richau in charge.  They already have some big plans for the tap room and things will be expanding big time.  The bar is going to be much bigger, which is good news for everyone who has been in on a busy night, and will wrap around into what is now part of the brewery.  You all know that this means they are going to have to knock out a wall.  Do your part to go in and ask if you can have a whack at it.  Also if you see Patrick around tell him cheers and good luck!


Did you miss Stranahan’s newest Snowflake whiskey?  It is called Desire and was aged in port wine barrels before being bottled.  It is completely deserving of the name.  The wine barrels not only impart a mellow sweet, fruitiness to the whiskey but the original tastes of vanilla and honey that come from a regular bottle of Stranahan’s is enhanced.  Don’t worry if you didn’t get a bottle, because there are a few being sold on the internet for around $500.  Either that or there are still a few bottles at The Rackhouse Pub even though you’ll have to buy it one shot at a time.

About Josh Rapp

Josh is a beer and whiskey enthusiast. He is a home brewer and a long time member of the Denver Whiskey Club and Denver Homebrew Club. He also makes Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey for money.

  • Linsey Hanna

    Wondering whether the Leopold story is true. I’m a big fan, but I haven’t checked them out since they left Ann Arbor, Michigan. You’ve peaked my interest!

  • Josh Rapp

    Can’t tell you if it’s true but I can tell you they are doing amazing stuff. The Maryland rye is awesome. Speaking of Ann Arbor, way to go Jolly Pumpkin!

  • Jake

    One of them is extremely convincing, but there is definitely a “wall” between the truth and a rumor for those in the know 😉