Discounts not ABV

The continuing debate regarding the sale of alcohol at convenience and grocery stores is not really about ABV, it’s about the discounts. See, retailers are just like consumers, they want to find the best possible discount or sale they can.  They then make a better margin.  It makes perfect sense.  Except, they already know where […]

Denver County Fair Homebrew Competition

Think your homebrew beats anyone else’s in town? Well now you can prove it at the first ever  Denver County Fair. Only July 28-31, 2011 the fair will host a homebrew competition sponsored by Great Divide Brewery. In fact, if you’re a craftsman in general there are currently 105 competitions listed on the website. The […]

Rockies Opening Day – Drink Specials

Rockies Opening Day 2011

It is time for the season opener folks, and this time I am talking about baseball. Yes, Rockies opening day is upon us this week. If you haven’t already asked for Friday off, you better let your coworkers witness mass quantities of Emergen-C falling out of your pants’ pockets and whip up a good fake […]

Colorado Beer Week, April 8-16

The 1st ever Colorado Beer Week is just around the corner. April 8th kicks off the celebration of everything beer. Throughout the week there will be events highlighting some of the best beers from right here in Denver, the rest of Colorado, and even a couple out of state breweries, including Rogue and Alaskan. The […]

A janitor’s advice on the Cosmopolitan

Dear Mister Janitor, My girlfriends and I drink Cosmos, unfortunately at times they seem cliche’d, or like we are ordering and drinking something behind the times. I wish I was more adventurous, but I also like what I like.  Is there a cosmopolitan recipe out there that you prefer, and is there something that could […]

Federal Small Brewer Excise Tax Bills Introduced in House, Senate

Boulder, CO • March 30, 2011—The Brewers Association (BA) announced today that legislation seeking to enact a graduated beer excise tax rate of $3.50 and $16.00 for America’s small brewers has been introduced in both chambers of Congress. The BA is the not-for-profit trade group that represents the majority of U.S. brewing companies. The Senate […]

Worthy of an Encore?

Encore (on-kor) n.: A demand by an audience for an additional performance.   Holding true to its etymological meaning, Encore on Colfax (2550 E. Colfax Avenue, attached to the Tattered Cover) closed temporarily on March 28th and will reopen on April 5th with a new menu, new cocktail list, and new beer selection that will exceed its prior performance. […]

Great Divide decreases distribution reach

Great Divide has been pulling out of some markets over the past 5 months. They were expanding as the demand allowed, and their capacity couldn’t keep up. Rather than stretching past their limits, Great Divide chose to pull out of some markets and focus on what they’re good at: making damn fine beer. Last night, […]

New Breckenridge Ale House Aims to be “Colorado Craft Tasting Room”

Breckenridge Brewery is planning on opening a new restaurant and bar right across 25 from downtown. Walk across the walking bridge into Lower Highlands, and you walk right in the front door. It’s the old Amato’s building, which used to house garden decor. Todd Thibault took some time last week to show me around and […]

Just Announced, Hops & Pie Littlest Big Beer Fest April 17th

Hops & Pie logo

Hops & Pie just announced their Littlest Big Beer Fest for the month of April featuring LeftHand Brewery.  The event will be Sunday April 17th from 2:00pm-6:00pm at Hops & Pie. Featuring LeftHand Brewing on cask, on tap & in bottle (from their archives)!! On Cask: **Stranger** American Pale Ale An elegant pale ale that […]

These Juice Joints are the Bee’s Knees!

Hops & Pie tap list

A while back a fine gent that goes by the name Nick Nunns wrote a post featuring his favorite watering holes, which inspired me to share with you fine folks my favorite local joints. Hops & Pie This little gem opened in the lovely Berkeley neighborhood north Denver not long ago and already has a […]

Breckenridge Twenty Barrel-aged Scotch Ale to be released Saturday

(Denver, CO) – On Saturday, April 2, Breckenridge Brewery of Colorado, LLC, will sell limited-edition 750ml bottles of its 20th Anniversary beer, “Twenty.” Out now in draft, Twenty is a strong Scottish ale aged five months in Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey barrels. The brewery packaged a precious few 750ml bottles with cork and wire bale closures. […]

Beer Porn of the Week

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Monday Morning Blues – Call My Job

Let’s start the week off right. With some blues. Leave your Monday Morning Blues suggestions in the comments. Have a good week!


I was cleaning underneath the hand sink a few nights ago and I found a promo bottle of Jim Beam Red Stag. Curious from how it found it’s way into my bar I didn’t want to disturb it’s resting place or my JuJu so I scrubbed the tile underneath it and returned it to its […]

Thursday March 31 – Bristol and Wynkoop Brewing Beer Pairing Dinner at Freshcraft

Getting hungry just reading the menu… Freshcraft Presents: Caribbean in Colorado a Beer Pairing Dinner March 31st @ 7pm. $35 (Gratuity not included) Purchase Tickets Here: Course 1 Sweet Potato Pancake with Coconut Cream and Papaya and Pineapple Chutney w/ Bristol – Belgian Dubbel batch 6000 and Wynkoop – Orville.33 Course 2 Jerked Tropical Fruit, […]

Prendi Intossicato Con Una Capra

Even though it is not remotely close to Columbus Day, we shall pay homage to the ‘discoverer’ this week. Legend states that when Christopher’s fleet crossed the high seas, they traveled with 3 times the amount of booze they needed to make the trip- because of the elements, and “loss”. I call bullshit. That dude knew […]

Pliny Schminy / Younger Schmunger

First, I love all the Russian River beers that I have tried. No doubt, they are trend setters and way ahead of the curve in regard to stretching boundaries compared to most breweries. A flat out pilgrimage to their brewery is a must do for all beer lovers. I would love to experience the full […]

News from Grimm Brothers

From Grimm Brothers Brewhouse in Loveland: Hare’s Bride Release Grimm Brothers Brewhouse is excited to announce the release of our first bottled beer, Hare’s Bride.  Hare’s Bride will be available at Grimm Brothers Brewhouse and Select Liquor Stores. Hare’s Bride is an Imperial Hefeweizen brewed with a substantial base of wheat and pilsner malt, bittered […]

Rumor Mill 3: Sometimes True Things About Booze In Denver

[Disclaimer: Only one of these three stories is actually true. Not telling which one. Welcome to the Rumor Mill. Check back every Wednesday for more lies. And maybe a truth.]   I hear tell of a new brewery that is planning to start distributing here in Colorado and man am I excited.  They are called […]