Season Opener (No, Not Baseball)

I Like Cats. And Tequila.

I am not what you would consider a fair weather fan when it comes to sports (go Rockies), but when we are talking booze- I appreciate soaking in a little bit of the outdoors when drinking. As winter dwindles down here on the Front Range, the time has arrived to dust off your favorite pair of designer jorts, slip in to some flip-flops, and hit a rooftop somewhere to practice the sacred religion known as refreshmentism. Denver, the Broncho busting city, celebrates this momentous annual happening by reaching for our favorite seasonal cocktail – a polygonal prism of mouthwatering ecstasy – the margarita.

It is no secret that Denver Off the Wagon believes some of the best margaritas on the planet are made right here in our city, so we are going to do the legwork and provide an ongoing guide of Denver’s best margaritas combined with what to stay away from, happy hour wins, and delicious noms along the way.

Praise. In the spirit of not upsetting the tequila gods, let us define this timeless cocktail called the margarita. According to DOTW this is: Any beverage containing (at minimum) a mixture of tequila, orange liqueur, sugar, and lime or lemon juice*. The use of generic, bottled sour mix is highly offensive, and will not be considered in our considerations. Margaritas are traditionally served on the rocks, with salt.
*Subject to change.

If you have ever been to a Jimmy Buffet concert, this series might not be for you. It is purposely intended for the conocedor de cocktail, the Baryshnikov of beverage, and the Margarita (woman who this drink is famously named after) in all of us. So to kick things off, DOTW will be celebrating at Star Bar, Thursday, March 3. We are officially on tour from now until the end of  summer. Bring your drinking pants. Olé.

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Jim is a modern day conquistador. When not teaching his three parrots to speak Italian, he spends time poking flags in things and calling them his own.

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    We’ll be at Star Bar around 7pm. Bring your drinking shoes and Karaoke coats. Or something.