Best patios for warm spring days

It’s almost time for us to wake from our winter slumber and remember what spring means for us Denver residents. As the mercury begins to rise, we will start bringing out more and more flip flops and fewer UGGs (hopefully), an abundance of shorts and not so many insulated Carhartts. When bar managers notice this change they prepare to set out the patio furniture, complete with metal chairs and tables, and maybe even the occasional umbrella, meant to protect us from sun and rain (well at least sun, I mean, we do live in Denver, it never rains here). Sitting outside enjoying a great beer with friends is one of my favorite spring pastimes, and Denver has plenty of vibrant venues that offer just that. If you have a favorite feel free to let us, at Denver off the Wagon, know, we’d be thrilled to swing by and quaff a few beers with you.

Falling Rock Tap House – What would this post be if I didn’t include the most famous beer bar in Denver? It doesn’t hurt that Falling Rock also has one of the best patios in town, perfect for relaxing and enjoying a few beers from their selection of 75 beers on tap and an equally impressive bottle list. If the weather is nice, you can bet that the patio at Falling Rock will be crowded with plenty of thirsty libationists drinking some of the best beers from around the US and beyond. But once April rolls around, you might think about checking the Rockies schedule to make sure you don’t run into a thirsty throng of Rockies fans swigging Bud Light and Coors Light, unless you’re into that sort of thing, which is fine, I don’t judge. If it’s crowded, I’ve found it’s often easier and quicker to get a beer waiting for a server on the patio, than it is wading through a crowd 5 or 6 deep at the bar inside.

Vine Street Pub – Currently Vine St. is celebrating one of the greatest months of the year, Stout Month, aka February, but come March, I believe we will start to see a transformation to a sun lover’s paradise. Vine Street Pub, the Denver location of Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery, is all about the fun, and the beer, and the food. Inside, you can find board games, great for those cold winter months, but outside, you’ll find a bunch of tables perfect for relaxing in the sun, and you’ll probably see a couple teams playing a game of Cornhole with beers in hand. Vine Street is a very popular City Park gathering spot, so you might want to arrive a little bit before happy hour to ensure prompt seating.

Great Divide Brewing Company – Great Divide’s Tap Room has become one of the busiest places to sip a couple beers in Denver. When warm enough, the capacity of the Tap Room is roughly doubled with seating outside. The always busy but always friendly and knowledgeable staff make regular rounds on the patio to make sure your glass is half full, and should it be empty, they’d be more than happy to fix that for you. The Tap Room will always have some of Great Divide’s year round and seasonal brews on tap, but be sure to ask if there is anything special on tap, chances are there’s probably something really awesome. If you’ve never taken the tour at Great Divide, make sure you do, they have tours at regular intervals on most days, and who knows, maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about how they make their delicious brews.

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Kell has been drinking non-stop since turning 21, and yearns to start a brewery. His life goal is to rope and ride a moose while under the Aurora Borealis. No regrets, that's his motto. That and everybody Wang Chung tonight.