Double Chocolate Cupcakes with Nutella frosting

Finished & Frosted

This recipe is is a wonderful high altitude beer infused cupcake recipe.   Even folks like me who don’t particularly like chocolate cake will fall in love with these moist little gems. Cupcake: 1/4 cup unsalted butter at room temperature 2/3 cup sugar 2 large eggs 1 generous teaspoon vanilla extract 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa 1/8 teaspoon baking […]

The Hunt for Pliny the Younger

Pliny the Younger

In the beer geek world there are those rare beers that will cause people to wait in line for hours in the hopes that they might get a taste.  The majority of the time these limited beers are available only at the brewery or a satellite location, but every once in a while, kegs make […]

5280 Week: Picking a Restaurant by the Wine List.

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5280 Restaurant week. Foodies and food novices alike love it. Servers dread it (tip well folks if you don’t want the stink eye!). So many restaurants, so little time. How do you decide where to go during 5280 week, a fourteen day foodie fair that makes a 3-course dining experience at even Denver’s most expensive […]

Season Opener (No, Not Baseball)

I am not what you would consider a fair weather fan when it comes to sports (go Rockies), but when we are talking booze- I appreciate soaking in a little bit of the outdoors when drinking. As winter dwindles down here on the Front Range, the time has arrived to dust off your favorite pair […]

My Denver Haunts

You new around here? Just looking for someplace new to check out? Here’s a list of where you can usually find me having a drink. City O’City   Beer, coffee, and vegetarian food – Everything a growing boy needs. For the 5 years I’ve lived in Denver this place has been my number one go-to […]

Beer Release: Dihos Dactylion

BEER RELEASE ALERT: Avery Dihos Dactylion Friday, February 25th marks the release of Avery Brewing’s 7th Barrel-Aged Sour Ale in their Barrel-Aged Series.  If you were a lover of Depuceleuse (#4) Quinquepartite (#5), and Margarete (#6) make sure you get your hands on a bottle of this.   The brown ale is aged in Cabernet […]

Off the wagon, sitting in the dust.

We like booze. Let’s just get that out there. This isn’t about getting drunk or blacking out. It’s about the means, not the end. We like good booze. No one writing for this site has ever technically been on the wagon. But, if we were to find ourselves atop a rolling platform pulled by horses […]

Stout Month Comes to a Close

Vertical tastings of Czar.  Mephistopheles and Santa’s Lil Helper consistently on tap.  Our community’s chance to try contest-winning homebrew.  Great conversation.  Amazing beer. February (Stout Month) 2011 marked the 17th Annual Stout Month.  Every year, we’re sad to see it depart into the spring season. Come March, we will miss the bustling winter winds that […]

Sitdown with Jake Norris of Stranahan’s

Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey

Recently Denver’s beloved Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey (SCW) distillery entered into a deal with Proximo spirits company.  This move has caused a great deal of distress for many fans of the whiskey.  I was recently able to pick the brain of head distiller Jake Norris in order to lay to rest some of the rumors that […]

Putting Roots Down at Brunch

One of my top 10 picks for a Sunday Funday Brunch in Denver…Rootdown (1600 West 33rd Avenue) in the Highlands. What drew me in was the simple ambiance, the salvaged scrap and signage adds a uniquecharm to the restaurant. The people are great, the smell of the food…amazing! Root Down is known for their “field to […]

Best patios for warm spring days

It’s almost time for us to wake from our winter slumber and remember what spring means for us Denver residents. As the mercury begins to rise, we will start bringing out more and more flip flops and fewer UGGs (hopefully), an abundance of shorts and not so many insulated Carhartts. When bar managers notice this […]

Screw Sideways

If there is one thing I have learned so far in the short time I have been in the wine industry, it is this: people do not trust their palates.  I would say they are fickle, but even that is not fair.  Wine can be scary.  Wine has always been a kind of symbol of […]

Drinking Denver, Server Dear

Dear fellow servers, We have a responsibility that we are not fulfilling. Anyone who has been into a restaurant or pub knows that there are usually more seats at tables than there are at the bar.  People expect a certain amount of knowledge when they belly-up to the bar and ask the bartender what they […]

The drunkard’s history of Denver

Note: The author can neither confirm nor deny the validity or truthfulness of any of the following statements. The author also plans to offend. Introduction: This is a theory I conjured up several years ago, probably while hungover, or possibly whilst actively drinking, or perhaps whilst drinking to cure an aforementioned hangover. This theory attempts […]

All Beer Is Good

Several years ago I learned a few things at a beer dinner one night, most of those things have stayed with me and help keep me directed now, and most certainly in the future. I learned what brettanomyces is in great glorious details, what made sour beer.. well…sour, I can’t drink nearly the amount of […]